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High Speed Chase 2

Value Medal Description
Gold 100 Double Oh Bank over 1 million credits
Gold 100 Until Next Time Complete all missions
Gold 100 Agent X Complete all missions and bonus missions with a Gold score
Gold 50 Top Class Get your first Gold score
Silver 50 Super Rogue Agent Take out 1,000 civilian vehicles
Silver 50 Smokin Ace Complete a mission while your car is on fire
Silver 30 Rogue Agent Take out 100 civilian vehicles
Silver 30 Blistering Hit 164mph in a mission
Bronze 20 Midrift Jump across the mid-section of the road
Bronze 10 Smasho! Destroy a target by landing on its roof
Bronze 10 Ding Dong Die from a head-on collision
Bronze 5 Crash Test Take down your first target