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meridimus — 2 Years ago

Hey guys, just wanted to show you this comparison between Prevail and Plunderland.


We have added so much detail and richness to Prevail that the comparisons on a retina screen are insane, the detail oozes out of the scenery and the characters.

Because, with Plunderland we developed for a lower resolution screen and when the iPhone 4 was announced we developed retina display images by outputting our original artwork at a higher resolution. This time, we went a lot further by using colour blends instead of flat shading and much more detail in visuals overall (mainly because I’ve got much better at drawing over the last 18 months).

Prevail is a universe exploration game designed by the Johnny Two Shoes brothers due for release in the first quarter of 2012 on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Follow @jtsgames on twitter—http://twitter.com/jtsgames

Use #PrevailApp for Prevail news and updates.

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Jek — 2 Years ago

Hello, do you know if prevail is comin out by next friday

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nick827 — 2 Years ago




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racer123246 — 2 Years ago

@Jek, it will be out when it will be out. Just calm yourself, because they are still working on it. When they give a release date, THEN it’ll come out. Until then, it WON’T come out. Not by next Friday, not next month, not until Max or Josh tells us.

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Jek — 2 Years ago

sorry did freak out a bit

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nelson — 2 Years ago

Awesome! Really looking forward to it. You guys made a vast progress in such a short period!

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jonoboy211 — 2 Years ago

dude…nelson whats up with the ciggarrete…i think i spelt ciggarrete wrong

wait!! is it only coming out on ipods and that shit or will it also be on the pc

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TheObambulator — 2 Years ago

It’s only coming out on iOS.

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