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halestorm97 — 4 Years ago

Hey JTS fans, Im a huge fan of The Heist and The Heist 2...so if you are reading this what do you think about another The Heist....The Heist 3, rulers of the streets...Where you can control your'e gang on the streets and driving getaways from the police, you can recruit more gang members buy better cars and weapons...the game will take on a gta (Grand Theft Auto) sort of play so you  can have your'e gang just drive around through the city or walk! If you think this is a great idea for a game and JTS should create it let me know!!!

Leave any comments about the game.
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achicken — 4 Years ago

Yeah, maybe. They have a secret project going on right now, and they have a preview that sort-of features a GTA style/Heist thing. That might turn out to be part of The Heist. Only time will tell.
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Runey676 — 4 Years ago

Take a look at this, their Secret Project:


That's the only preview we have of it, and that's when it's in its early stages of development.
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toobatee — 4 Years ago

I love your idea, but it woudent really be a "Heist" if your just a gang mugging people and stuff, in the Heist games, all of the missions are you robbing some store or something.

Love your idea, needs a better name. =)
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SedanDriver — 4 Years ago

What you call the heist 3 sounds like the Mafia
Actualy GTA is the mafia
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achicken — 4 Years ago

Well, there like the same. They both do "criminal" stuff. There stealing, and stuff like that. I dunno. 
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SedanDriver — 4 Years ago

Well GTA SA was like Gangster
LCS was mafia
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achicken — 4 Years ago

I don't know. I played GTA SA and that's it. I haven't played Liberty City or Vice or anything. There the same to me. =)
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Delorean — 4 Years ago

The Heist 3- Fully Loaded
The Heist 3-Rise of the Machines
The Heist 3-Salvation
The Heist 3-Revenge of the Fallen
some ideas for the name

I personally like The Heist 3, plain and simple.
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Fippe94 — 4 Years ago

You've taken those names from movies haven't you?
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SaWaS — 4 Years ago

Yeah... Hell? Maybe i have another name: The Heist 3: And the Half-Blood Prince or
The Heist 3: Wings of Liberty or The Heist 3: The Heart of The Swarm or The Heist 3: Legacy of The Void or The Heist 3: The Frozen Throne lol. Sorry i wasn't active but i was at the Sea. And after that i goed to my Dad's Friends House (A big house with a pond( uhh didn't find the right word but n swin in it but it's not big) and a garage and a bathhouse and everything(and he even owns a whole Forest!))).
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3047464 — 4 Years ago

Interesting idea but I think we should let the JTS gang rest a while since they're already working hard on the secret project and some of the other games and features they have planned. At the moment the secret project seems sort of similar to your idea. Also for a name I think that the heist 3 will be just fine. If anyone from like addicting games saw the heist 3 they would probably make the connection of the former heists. 
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mk0092 — 4 Years ago

Who know. Secret project might turn out to be Heist 3, although they said it wont. And they do have a ton to work on, but this will come around sooner or later.
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n1411 — 4 Years ago

 i think the heist 2 was the conclusion to all the heist series, you become a millionare and live happily ever after! right!!!!
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supergrover — 4 Years ago

yeah.... i wanna know what happened to comatose guy.....

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